About Us

The Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications (ADMA) is a registered professional body functioning with the aim of promoting active and quality research in Discrete Mathematics and allied subjects. 

Established in 2005, it has been successfully disseminating front-line research culture among the discrete mathematicians in India. 

Its annual conferences are being organized every year in the month of June so that the dates of the conference include June 10th as Graph Theory Day marking the birth anniversary of Professor E. Sampathkumar, the pioneer in introducing Graph Theory into the postgraduate curriculum in India during the academic year 1970-71 at the famed Karnatak University, Dharwad. 


It was the occasion of a National Conference on Graph Theory during April 2005 at the Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore. Some leading discrete mathematicians of India like Prof. B. D. Acharya, Prof. S. Arumugam, Prof. R. Balakrishnan, Prof. S. A. Choudam, Prof.(Mrs.) P. S. Neeralagi, Prof. E. Sampathkumar, Prof. H. B. Walikar and many others,  who  were participating in this conference,  felt that Discrete Mathematics needs to be given further push in INDIA by encouraging more involvement of younger researchers.  To promote this involvement, it  was felt that the formation of a national forum was the need of the hour.  Accordingly, it was decided to form a Society for Discrete Mathematics and its applications which would prove to be a  platform for providing  up-to-date information on the developments taking place in Discrete Mathematics both at national and international levels.  Prof. Sampathkumar was then requested to be the Founder-President of the society and thus, the foundation was laid for the creation of the Academy of Discrete Mathematics and Applications (ADMA).